Fitness Assessments

The practice is licensed to perform fitness & wellness testing for the following organisations:

Discovery Vitality

Complete your Online Fitness Assessment and earn 1 000 Vitality points

Book a Vitality Fitness Assessment at a registered Biokineticist in the Vitality Wellness Network. During the Vitality Fitness Assessment, a Biokineticist will show you which areas of your fitness to focus on. After the assessment, you’ll get a training programme to meet your unique fitness needs. The Vitality Fitness Assessment includes body fat percentage measurement, a cardiovascular fitness test, functional mobility and stability screening, and flexibility and endurance testing

Earn up to 7 500 Vitality points for completing one Vitality Fitness Assessment. You will earn 2 500 points for the assessment and up to 5 000 bonus Vitality points (depending on your fitness level).

You can complete a Vitality Fitness Assessment (or Vitality Elite Fitness Assessment) twice a year, at least five months apart.

You will need to pay R250 for the assessment upfront. If you are on a Medical Scheme plan that covers the cost, you can claim this amount from your day-to-day benefits if you have funds available. If you are a Discovery Life policyholder, you will need to pay for all assessments upfront.

After the assessment, you can view your assessment feedback report on the website under Know your Health.


Momentum Multiply

Make an appointment for a Health and Fitness Assessment with a registered Biokineticist. You’ll receive a full health check-up and fitness test*. You’ll also receive a meal plan and exercise programme, plus a comprehensive health report and a useful shopping list to help you stick to your meal plan.

The cost of a Virgin Life Care Fitness Assessment is R240. Your Health and Fitness Assessment can be paid from your HealthSaver.

Cholesterol and glucose testing can also be performed at an additional charge – please confirm the availability of these tests with the Biokineticist when you make your booking

*If you’re unable to perform the standard step test as a result of a medical condition, there are alternative tests that can be performed – speak to your Biokineticist to find out more.

You may do a first and second Virgin Life Care Fitness Assessment in any calendar year. Fitness assessments should be performed no less than five months apart to count towards earning HealthReturns.


Virgin Life Care
Who’s it for?
Anyone who wants an informed, scientifically-based analysis of their eating, exercise and general health habits, so that they know more about the areas where they need to change and/or improve.

What is it?
The 45-60 minute assessment begins with a comprehensive health and fitness questionnaire.

What do I wear for my fitness assessment?
You should wear comfortable clothing, such as tracksuit pants, tights or shorts, a t-shirt and comfortable running or walking shoes. Also, bring a sweat towel as there is a bit of physical activity involved.

What does the assessment focus on?
  • Your family and personal medical history;
  • Your health habits and lifestyle;
  • Your nutrition;
  • Your physical activity habits, and
  • Your exercise goals.

Your weight, body mass index, body fat %, blood pressure and waist circumference are measured. To determine your level of fitness, you will be required to do a simple, 12-minute stepping session*. Once your muscles have warmed up, you'll do some flexibility and muscle endurance tests, including crunches and push-ups. You can choose whether you want to do these or not.

When you have completed the assessment, you'll receive:
  • A hard copy report;
  • An exercise programme designed around your goals

*If you’re unable to perform the standard step test as a result of a medical condition, there are alternative tests that can be performed – speak to your biokineticist to find out more. Your results are useful for kick-starting an exercise programme or in seeing how successful your previous programme was. We recommend a follow-up assessment after five months to check your progress.


R250.00 per assessment.

* Your insurer may offer special rates and reward you with points for doing an assessment.